Why Babywear?

Babywearing Benefits

Okay, sure baby-wearing is cute and functional, but did you know it is so much more than that? There are true medical, emotional, cognitive, developmental benefits to baby wearing! Baby-wearing is more than just a fad... it stems back to ancient times and it continues to be a worldwide solution for calmer, happier and healthier babies—

So much so that the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) actually RECOMMENDS baby-wearing and funded a grant specifically to:
"1. To promote bonding between new mothers and their infants, increase ease of breastfeeding, ameliorate challenges of daily tasks with an infant, and improve maternal satisfaction through provision of baby wraps.
2. To increase awareness about baby-wearing and bonding by educating residents and community members on the safe use of baby wraps and their benefits." (AAP.org)

Another group's randomized controlled study found "99 mother-infant pairs were assigned to an increased carrying or control group. At the time of peak crying (6 weeks of age), infants who received supplemental carrying cried and fussed 43% less (1.23 v 2.16 h/d) overall, and 51% less (0.63 v 1.28 hours) during the evening hours (4 PM to midnight)." (Hunziker & Barr)

Basic Benefits:

-increases ease of breastfeeding
-helps with milk production
-promotes skin to skin
-keeps baby away from unwanted germs
-increases maternal satisfaction and mood postpartum
-gives mothers the ease of having two hands to care for herself, other children, etc.
-decreases colic and helps calm gassy, fussy, teething or overtired babies.