How do I care for my Behold Baby Wrap?

Washing instructions are found on the tag on the end of your wrap! We suggest you either hand wash or machine was alone on delicate (to prevent other items from damaging your wrap). Lay flat to dry or dry on gentle cycle-low heat.

Is my baby too big/small for a Behold Baby Wrap?

Our wraps work great from 8lbs to 22lbs (the average size of a 1 year old), but you will most likely get the most wear out of it in the first 9 months of baby's life! If your baby is preemie or born petite (less than 8 lbs) just ask your doctor about using the wrap!

Are the wraps one size?

Yes, all of the wraps are 18 feet in length. If you are petite you will have extra length to tie off, if you are curvier you can always tie off behind your back as the extra wrap to the front is not necessary for the safety or function of the wrap.

Am I wearing my baby correctly?

It is super important to us that baby is safe and comfortable in your wrap! Make sure you visit the tutorial and safety pages to learn how to wear your wrap. If it still doesn't feel right, we are happy to facetime/skype with you to help you get the best fit.

Most of the time mama just needs to wear the baby higher and tighter!

How often will you release new colors and prints?

We will regularly release new colors and prints. Subscribe to our site to be updated.

Have more questions? Please get in touch with us via the contact page!